Fisher Basin Park

I woke up nice and early this morning, before it started to get warm, and decided to go for a walk. I walked to a local park, Fisher Basin Park, and it is a really nice one that I want to share with you. In non-COVID times, this park is very busy on the weekends with lots of soccer games, but right now, the fields are wide open for frisbee, soccer, rugby, picnics, whatever you can think of!

There is a nice walking trail that goes all around the park, including the covered picnic shelter, restrooms, the scattered picnic tables, the playground, the tennis courts, and the basketball courts. If you continue down the trail toward Shahala and Ilahee, you will pass the middle school track (for those of you who like to run on tracks), and then on to Ilahee (the elementary school).

I saw the Ilahee school garden on the walk this morning and took a couple of pictures to share, as well! What a very cool project for kids!

This park adjoins the Westridge neighborhood, if you want to extend your walk through the neighborhood. But please use the parking lot for the park and don’t park in the neighborhood. The residents appreciate your cooperation!

Fisher Basin Community Park
SE 192nd Ave and Mill Plain Blvd
WA 98607

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